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M Garothi Down!
24th Mar · JohnsonsmithGM · boss-kill · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

It's been quite awhile since my last post, but we kinda got stuck on the roster boss. However, now we have a strong, fresh new roster of 20 great folks and are hopping into Mythic! We got our first Mythic Garothi kill this Tuesday after about 15 pulls, 13 of which were done with 18 people. Once we had our full 20, we 2 shot him. Not too surprising given how little is changed, but it's a nice intro boss. The next night, we hopped into Mythic Dogs, again with about 18, but still got a good 6% pull. We're expecting a kill next week whenever we get our full 20 back in. Expect more soon!

H Argus Down! (3 Weeks Ago!)
29th Jan · JohnsonsmithGM · boss-kill · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Like always, I forgot to update the site. But, we killed Argus about three weeks ago (the 9th...). Yup, my bad!

It was definitely a very fun fight, albeit a bit buggy to start with. The week before our kills, we were getting killed by invisible Golganneth storms and void puddles that didn't disappear. Then Blizz patched all of that and our attempts got much more consistent and we could work on the final phase (previously about 20% of pulls got there, after the change, it was more like 80%). He dropped in no time (after we moved ourselves to be closer to the tree...). Now that the bugs are fixed, I enjoy the fight quite a bit and it's quite dynamic in all of it's various stages. It never seems overwhelming or even RNG-heavy, and the final phase is an inventive and entertaining concept. Basically, it's a hell of a lot better than Coven.

We're now looking to go into Mythic, but need a few more good players to join us. The recruiting list to the left is up to date, so check it out and let us know in game if  you're interested!

The kill shot:

More H Argus Progress!
3rd Jan · JohnsonsmithGM · boss-kill · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Wow, I'm really bad at updating this and we're really bad at taking screenshots. I went on a nice travel break for awhile and missed a large deal of progression, returning at Kin'garoth. Since my last post we've downed all the way through H Aggramar, and managed to grab one and a half screenshots since then. My general opinion on the bosses that I've been able to progress on, so far:

• Kin'garoth: Fun tanking fight for sure, with a lot of movement, ball busting, and plenty of activities to do and be aware of. Had a nice difficulty curve to it.
• Varimathras: Boring fight, one of the weakest of Legion. As a tank, there's really not much to it, just standard cooldown management and standing still. The mechanics are easy enough to master and it fell quickly.

• Coven: Frustrating fight. This is an Ion special, with a TON of RNG based largely around the titan sequence and what it ends up overlapping with. Certain combinations certainly feel much more punishing. Couple that with random storm safezone replacement and this one took us awhile.
• Aggramar: Great fight. While it wasn't too hard, it took us an hour or so of progression on it and it ended up being very enjoyable. Just getting the add rotation down is the main part of the fight. It's a fun tank fight and I think the little add mechanic is enjoyable. It has a minimal amount of RNG and wasn't ever really frustrating.

Below are screenshots of the Varimathras kill and half of the raid after Aggramar. We're currently working on Argus (which is a frustrating fight in it's own regards, especially due to some fun graphical glitches), but expect to get him down Thursday, after some sub 20% pulls last night.



First Night of Heroic Antorus + a Catch Up!
29th Nov 2017 · JohnsonsmithGM · boss-kill · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Woah! It's been awhile since we've last posted on our own damn site (my bad, I spent a LOT of time out of town for work and everything got harder...), but we're still going on and kicking ass.

Since my last post, we downed Mythic Desolate Host, which was not a bad fight. While I didn't enjoy the addition of the Spear soaking, the bouncing of adds was a fun tweak. From there, we took a break from Mythic ToS to unwind before the next raid. In our off time, some of us got Glory of the Legion Raider (some easy achieves, some fun ones; shout out to Burning Bridges and overgearing Imagined Dragons so much), and then we got Glory of the Tomb Raider (SUPER fun; Maiden and DH were a blast and felt like a brand new fight, and even DI and Mistress were noticeably more enjoyable). It was a great time off from traditional raiding and we had a lot of fun doing what we normally would never have done.

However, now we've stepped into Heroic Antorus! Which has, so far, proven to be a great dungeon. We downed the first three tonight and made decent progress on Portal Master, getting her to 30% on our best pull. Right off the bat, the instance feels fresh and fun. It takes me back to NH and really makes me want to play the game again. I'm super impressed with everything I've seen and hope they don't let us down. The first boss is very simple, but the simple mechanics actually keep you decently active and attentive, but not in a deadly way; an enjoyable mix. I'm a big fan of the dogs, which I think are a great example on Blizzard's part about how to properly compose a fight without making it take 20 minutes or have 800 different abilities. Really well done. Again, the Antoran High Command feels novel. We actually haven't had a vehicle fight all expansion, and this one makes decent use of the mechanic. While spamming 1 repeatedly isn't fun, the vehicles don't have god awful movement mechanics, you aren't stuck in them the whole fight, and your secondary action, generally, is decently impactful. Portal Keeper begins to show the first repeated theme, big laser beams, and any sort of AoE interrupt is very highly praised, but the fight isn't bad. We weren't really seeing any crazy healing checks on the poison phase, but the adds posed a solid DPS check.

In other news, we're picking up recruitment again to gear up for Mythic Antorus, so the list to your left is up to date. Here's some images from our recent adventures:

Mythic DH:

Glory of the Legion Raider (ignore the scrub on the flying moose, he missed an achievement or six):

Glory of the Tomb Raider (had quite a few miss one or two achievements):

Heroic Worldbreaker:

Heroic High Command (forgot to get a Dogs screenshot):

M Sisters Dead!
3rd Oct 2017 · JohnsonsmithGM · boss-kill · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

With the death of Mythic Sisters of the Moon last Thursday, another ToS boss bites the dust and <Final> is now 4/9!

We spent a good solid two weeks of progression on Mythic Sisters, with all of our reclears going very smoothly. We made good strides on this fight right from the get go. The spacing strategy required to manage Astral Purge isn't too tricky to pull off and we mostly mastered that after the first 2 or 3 hours on the boss. After that, the rest of the fight was just spent on figuring out our ideal comp, planning cooldowns, and learning to dodge glaives. Learning to dodge SO MANY glaives. All of the glaives in that fight are especially dangerous, even the simple Twilight Glaives, so mastery of that mechanic was our biggest stumbling block. We finally managed to clean up our execution and got a clean pull in, until the very end where the boss died with about 5 players up. This is another fight I really like. There aren't a lot of changes from the main fight, but every original mechanic is given so much more importance and becomes so critical to deal with. The fight gets really hectic and there is something to be said against how many particles are in play at once, making dodging the glaives much harder, but once you learn how to see through the noise and hug some walls, it's not that bad. Definitely a fight I'm excited to do again.

We're doing great on the picture front lately, so here's another one of those:

We do have some footage for this kill, but I need to get around to editing it and I just haven't been in a video editing mood lately. We're moving on to Desolate Host next, and we'll see how that goes!

Remember kids, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a glaive!

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