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H Zul down!
30th Sep 2018 · JohnsonsmithGM · boss-kill · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

After a clean clear on Tuesday and a fresh week of additional gear, we zoned into Uldir on Thursday and stomped Zul after about 10 pulls!

We ran sort of a cheese strat, where you just lust on pull, ignore adds, and burn Zul as hard as possible. As long as you can get Zul to 40% before the second set of Bloodhexers come out, the fight is totally chill and manageable. We just sheep one of the hexers from the first set for the entire fight, and cleave the second one down. We also cleave down the crawgs and the crushers, and then hard swap to the crusher after Zul phases. Then the fight's totally normal. Even with a rather melee heavy comp, this strat felt good the entire time. It trivializes a fight that's otherwise decently well designed and rather fun, but it still feels hectic, but controlled and very fast paced, so it remains fun.

We got a few pulls in on Mythax where we were playing with the strat, but nothing major. Hoping to grab a kill on him this week though! We're still looking for ranged, but also some additional healers now. Apply on the forums!

A HUGE Update!
24th Sep 2018 · JohnsonsmithGM · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

It's been awhile since I've posted in here, so this is SUPER overdue! The expansion is out and we didn't go anywhere. In fact, we've been working super hard since the expac launched gearing up, bringing new people in and killing bosses! While BfA has been super grindy, the PvE content has also been super good! With an amazing and engaging story, told in the most engaging and captivating way WoW has ever seen, BfA kicked off to a great start. I've also been super pleased with the quality of the dungeons. They feel more consequential and entertaining then Legion and I think the boss mechanics all have a nice variety to them, and are different from what we saw in Legion five mans. Bit more trash heavy, which is I think a result of the M+ influence and has made M+ in these past few weeks quite challenging at higher levels. Infest turns out to be quite a difficult affix in practice, even if it might look a little plain at first.

The reps and the WQ's have been brutal (Another turtle made it to the water!), but hopefully that will be toned down in future QoL patches. Anyway, what about raid content? Uldir has been quite amazing! Definitely one of, if not the, strongest intro raids in an expac. With only one or two poorly designed fights (definitely Fetid, maybe also Vectis), the whole dungeon feels fun, challenging, and engaging. There are very few sleeper, face roll fights in there and some of the fights are some of Blizz's best work (looking at MOTHER, G'huun, and Zul in particular). Every boss feels fresh and challenging and the bosses are all very different, with few repeated themes (thank god). The raid also has tons of nice QoL features, such as mounting in places you wouldn't expect, teleporters, and a variety in scenery. It's definitely up there with Nighthold as one of my favorite modern raids.

In the first week, we cleared through all of normal without breaking a sweat! We started slow to gear people up since it was expected not all of us would get lucky with M0 drops and because of RL. We entered heroic the week after, where we downed Taloc, MOTHER, Fetid, and Vectis. The latter of which was a very hard earned kill, due to some sub-optimal DPS placement. We were getting 20-30% Zek'voz pulls, and this past week we zoned in and wrecked him, bringing us to 5/8H. We also brought Zul down to 20% as well.

We are currently recruiting all ranged and very select melee! Apply or refer your friends!

Here are some kill shots, starting with N Mythrax and G'huun and moving to H (but skipping Taloc, because screenshots are hard):


Also, here's some bonus Legion content! We managed to get 5/11M in ABT, but I didn't post a SINGLE update after Garothi (my bad!)... So, here's M Felhounds, M High Command, M Portal Keeper (amazingly good fight; one of my favorites of the raid), and M Eonar (still a meh fight, but much better than the other difficulties, the SEAL teams spice it up and add a good bit of missing personal responsibility; also a good deal harder with eeking out every last add percentage):

That's all folks! Thanks for reading!

M Garothi Down!
24th Mar 2018 · JohnsonsmithGM · boss-kill · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

It's been quite awhile since my last post, but we kinda got stuck on the roster boss. However, now we have a strong, fresh new roster of 20 great folks and are hopping into Mythic! We got our first Mythic Garothi kill this Tuesday after about 15 pulls, 13 of which were done with 18 people. Once we had our full 20, we 2 shot him. Not too surprising given how little is changed, but it's a nice intro boss. The next night, we hopped into Mythic Dogs, again with about 18, but still got a good 6% pull. We're expecting a kill next week whenever we get our full 20 back in. Expect more soon!

H Argus Down! (3 Weeks Ago!)
29th Jan 2018 · JohnsonsmithGM · boss-kill · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Like always, I forgot to update the site. But, we killed Argus about three weeks ago (the 9th...). Yup, my bad!

It was definitely a very fun fight, albeit a bit buggy to start with. The week before our kills, we were getting killed by invisible Golganneth storms and void puddles that didn't disappear. Then Blizz patched all of that and our attempts got much more consistent and we could work on the final phase (previously about 20% of pulls got there, after the change, it was more like 80%). He dropped in no time (after we moved ourselves to be closer to the tree...). Now that the bugs are fixed, I enjoy the fight quite a bit and it's quite dynamic in all of it's various stages. It never seems overwhelming or even RNG-heavy, and the final phase is an inventive and entertaining concept. Basically, it's a hell of a lot better than Coven.

We're now looking to go into Mythic, but need a few more good players to join us. The recruiting list to the left is up to date, so check it out and let us know in game if  you're interested!

The kill shot:

More H Argus Progress!
3rd Jan 2018 · JohnsonsmithGM · boss-kill · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Wow, I'm really bad at updating this and we're really bad at taking screenshots. I went on a nice travel break for awhile and missed a large deal of progression, returning at Kin'garoth. Since my last post we've downed all the way through H Aggramar, and managed to grab one and a half screenshots since then. My general opinion on the bosses that I've been able to progress on, so far:

• Kin'garoth: Fun tanking fight for sure, with a lot of movement, ball busting, and plenty of activities to do and be aware of. Had a nice difficulty curve to it.
• Varimathras: Boring fight, one of the weakest of Legion. As a tank, there's really not much to it, just standard cooldown management and standing still. The mechanics are easy enough to master and it fell quickly.

• Coven: Frustrating fight. This is an Ion special, with a TON of RNG based largely around the titan sequence and what it ends up overlapping with. Certain combinations certainly feel much more punishing. Couple that with random storm safezone replacement and this one took us awhile.
• Aggramar: Great fight. While it wasn't too hard, it took us an hour or so of progression on it and it ended up being very enjoyable. Just getting the add rotation down is the main part of the fight. It's a fun tank fight and I think the little add mechanic is enjoyable. It has a minimal amount of RNG and wasn't ever really frustrating.

Below are screenshots of the Varimathras kill and half of the raid after Aggramar. We're currently working on Argus (which is a frustrating fight in it's own regards, especially due to some fun graphical glitches), but expect to get him down Thursday, after some sub 20% pulls last night.



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