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Loot and You: How We Do Progression Loot
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29th Jun 2017

Loot in Progression Raids

A major question that comes up a lot is, "how do you do loot in progression raids?" Simply put: we employ a loot council consisting of officers that assign loot to the best players. The full details are contained below.

Required AddOns

The only addons you will need for loot distribution during raids are:

You will not need to configure anything with these addons. However, as a point of reference, this is the config our officers use to run it (more or less).

How You Use Loot Council in Raid

Using Loot Council is rather simple, after a boss dies you don't need to immediately do anything. When the Master Looter starts looting the boss, a window that looks similar to this will appear:

The options are:
  • Need - This item is a direct upgrade for your main spec and is something you need.
  • Greed - This item is either an upgrade for your OS, or is an item you may end up using for your main spec, but won't use right now (e.g., an item to hold in case you want to rotate legendaries or some odd trinket). This typically isn't tracked.
  • Minor Upgrade - This item is an upgrade for your main spec, but it is not a large one, either due to poor stats, a poor on-use, or a small ilevel gain. This is still tracked.
  • X-mog - You will not use this item, but you want it for transmog. This is not tracked.
  • 4 Piece - This is only applicable to tier tokens. This means you have three pieces of tier already and this will give you your 4 piece set bonus.
  • 3 Piece - This is only applicable to tier tokens. This means you have two pieces of tier already and this will give you your third.
  • 2 Piece - This is only applicable to tier tokens. This means you only have one piece of tier already and this will give you your 2 piece set bonus.
  • Reroll - This is only applicable to tier tokens. This means you already have this tier piece but are going for a possible warforge or titanforge.
  • Pass - You do not need this item and are not interested.

For the most part, RCLootCouncil will only show you items that are applicable to your spec. So, you simply press the relevant button for each item you're interested in and your job is done! From there, the officers will discuss and assign loot as needed.

As a note, RCLootCouncil does tend to bug out with certain trinkets, showing healing trinkets to all casters and caster/ranged DPS trinkets to all DPS. We generally call this out though.

The priority on each of those buttons breaks out like so:
  • 4 piece
  • 2 piece
  • 3 piece
  • Need
  • Minor Upgrade
  • Greed
  • Reroll
  • X-mog

How Loot is Tracked

ALL items every player receives are tracked by the officers. This includes the details of the item (e.g., item level), when it was given out, what boss it came from, and why it was given to each player. This is all tracked in a Google Spreadsheet, that all the officers have access to. Said spreadsheet is largely maintained by Johnson.

How Loot is Assigned

The loot is assigned by a "loot council", this is a group of informed, experienced players in a managerial position that assign loot based on what benefits the raid most. The loot council consists of all guild officers, for the most part, but it currently is composed of:
  • Johnsonsmith
  • Xevion
  • Ripmynames
  • Ddeadly

After everyone provides their input on which pieces of loot they want, all officers move into a separate channel and begin discussion on who gets what. The general criteria we look at for assigning loot is:
  1. What is the player's current piece? Larger upgrades are almost always preferred.
  2. What is the player's performance like? Better players get preference on loot, this includes mechanics and output.
  3. What is this player's role? In general, upgrades are slightly favored towards DPS, then healers, then tanks. This is because when things die faster, less heals are needed; and as healing gets stronger, then tanking and damage smoothing is also easier.
  4. When did this player last receive loot and how much loot have they received? We try to evenly spread loot out to everyone.
  5. Is this item good for this player's class and spec? For example, relics tend to go to classes with BiS traits, over others; trinkets tend to go where they will see the most impact first.
  6. Is this player reliable? Is attendance good? Do they follow the little things (e.g., show up 15 minutes early, come back right when break ends, come prepared with runes)? Small items like this are rather important.
  7. Is this player a trial? Raider and Elite players get preference over Trial players.

However, these are not hard and fast rules and each item has a discussion before it and each officer provides an opinion on the best "home" for a piece of gear. In general, this is why loot council can take time.

  • Does the Elite rank come with a loot preference? It does not. In general, Elite players tend to be more reliable and have better output, so naturally they get loot rather often, but the Elite title does not affect that.
  • When do Trial players get loot? Trial players are eligible for loot if no Raider or Elite chooses any of the following options for that item: Need; 2 Piece; 4 Piece. If no Raider or Elite picks any of those options, then Trial players are fully eligible for loot.
  • When is Loot Council used and what counts as "progression raid"? In general, Loot Council is always in effect for the core Tuesday and Thursday raids. Loot Council is occasionally used on the off night Wednesday run. If it is used, it is only used for certain bosses, only certain items and high procs are reserved, and it will be announced beforehand. This will only happen when raiding a Heroic on an off night. Loot Council is NEVER used for Normal raids, including Timewalking.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask any officer!
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