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Brenden Joseph Jones - Core Mythic Raider
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18th Dec 2017

I just filled out application 'Core Mythic Raider'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

What is your Battle Tag and what is the name, class, spec, and ilevel of your Main Character? = Metro#11619 Metrothug, rogue, sub, 935 https://worldofwarcraft.c ... er/illidan/metrothug
Do you have any relevant off specs or alts? = Vampiremoney-Thrall 933 affliction warlock https://worldofwarcraft.c ... /thrall/vampiremoney
What is your Legion raiding experience? = 7/7M EN 1/3M ToV 7/10M NH 4/11M ToS (took break) nothing with Antorus
What is your general MMO experience? = Been raiding semi-semi-hardcore since BrF in Draenor 9/10M BrF 13/13M HfC (both pre-nerfs)
How long have you been playing WoW? = since Rage of the Firelands patch of Cataclysm
What is your timezones and what times do you play? = Usually online on and off throughout the day, mostly at night. Raid times do work for me.
What do you expect out of <Final>? = to push mythic content while having an enjoyable experience and getting along with and having a good time with the raiders.
What do you prefer to be called? = Brenden, Metro(thug)
What is your age? = 20
What do you do for a living? = going to school for education: English teacher
What are the specs of your computer and your internet connection? = GeForce GTX 960 Intel i5-6500 16g of RAM ... /result/6891695286
Why should we accept you into <Final>? = committed, intelligent player willing to do anything asked of me. I take criticism well and am always willing to get better.
Do you know anyone in <Final>? = Eve from trade chat
How did you hear about <Final>? = trade chat
Any final thoughts for your submission? = rerolled very recently from warlock which correlates to my lack of gear and BiS legendaries but am working to catch up. Hope you consider me
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18th Dec 2017

+1 for me, done a M+ with him pulls good numbers for his gear and lacking crucial legos.
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