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Chestrcheeto - Core Mythic Raider
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17th Jun 2017

I just filled out application 'Core Mythic Raider'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

What is your Battle Tag and what is the name, class, spec, and ilevel of your Main Character? = Jodyhirolla#1369 Chestrcheeto 906 Assassination rogue. Kyliejenner (has a weird i in name) 905 Brewmaster / Windwalker monk.
Do you have any relevant off specs or alts? = Chestrcheeto 906 Assassination rogue. Kyliejenner (has a weird i in name) 905 Brewmaster / Windwalker monk. I bounce between both of these toons. I am willing to main either. Very open to helping the guild with what ever is needed.
What is your Legion raiding experience? = The main guild I have raided with this expansion was Prism. Raided EN with them back on Sarg, then we all transferred Horde. I have gone 5/10 mythic NH with them. I left them because my schedule doesn't not match with their raid times now.
What is your general MMO experience? = I raided alot back in WOTLK, I raided a little in WoD. I have mainly been a casual player ever since vanilla. But I am looking to push mythic this expansion.
How long have you been playing WoW? = Since I was 11 or 12. I played in Vanilla, but I was to young to be any good lol. My stepbrother would take me to ZG and MC.
What times do you play? = I work M/W/F 5-9 pm. I have class T/Th 6-8pm CST. So i am on before and after work / class. There are some days that I am not on due to adulting. But other than I am very active in the game.
What do you expect out of <Final>? = I would like to push mythic TOS. And do what I can to help the guild grow.
What do you prefer to be called? = You can either call me Matt or Cheeto. I dont really care lol
What is your age? = I turn 25 in August.
What do you do for a living? = I worked for a marketing firm for about 3 years. But recently quit to go back to school. I currently deliver pizzas. lul
What are the specs of your computer and your internet connection? = ummm. TBH i am not very tech savy. But I have a ASUS gaming laptop. Paid $2600 for it. (my step dad is a big computer guy and picked this laptop out) It is pretty bad ass. 5G internet. I live alone so I have no traffic on it.
Why should we accept you into <Final>? = I know how to not stand in bad. I feel like my dps is pretty good. And I dont rage quit. I tend to not get discouraged during a bad raid night.
Do you know anyone in <Final>? = Xervia
How did you hear about <Final>? = Xervia
Any final thoughts for your submission? = Yalls website is pretty bad ass. And congrats on mythic spell blade. Have a good one!
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18th Jun 2017

Hey Cheetos, ehh.....Cheeto.

Nice application. As you can see we do need both of the classes you play ( Rogue and Monk ). I personaly will vote for Monk ( Brew/WW ) but will need to talk with the officers and GM about this. I know that Johnson (GM) will be out town for 1 week and he's the one who says yes or no.
We will take a closer look into your application and get back to you asap......

P.s: you deliver pizza? I love pizza. Who doesn't?

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19th Jun 2017

Hello again there Cheeto.

I have talk to Johnson and we are going to give you a trial period on your rogue. Can you attend this wednesday's raid @ 21:00 server? Keep in mind we expect you to be aware of the encounters and have runes/flask etc with you. Also the officers will have a close eye on your performance. Not doing well can lead to a decline for the Core status.

For now,good luck and welcome aboard!

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19th Jun 2017

I get off work around 9pm ST on Wednesday. But I will log on as soon as I get home. Thank you for the chance
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25th Jun 2017

Hey Cheeto,

Where you able to make it for raid last week? I cant remember you being in the raid. Pls hook me up and let me know if you are still intressted for the Core raider spot.


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