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cloudburstt - Core Mythic Raider
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Joined: 7th Jun 2017
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7th Jun 2017

I just filled out application 'Core Mythic Raider'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

What is your Battle Tag and what is the name, class, spec, and ilevel of your Main Character? = Resto Shaman 911-914il depending on fight and ledg/trinks used. https://www.wowprogress.c ... /illidan/Cloudburstt
Do you have any relevant off specs or alts? = n/a
What is your Legion raiding experience? = I have a lot of friends on illidan and since the release of NH I have been raiding mythic with a few different guilds as a fill in I am 4/10. Tilted was the most common to go with. now I want to get settled into a core for tomb since my RL time has cleared up alot
What is your general MMO experience? = in WotLK my brother and I ran a guild through all the tiers raiding heroic mode (before mythic was out) since I have been raiding at mythic lvl but not as lead
How long have you been playing WoW? = 8 years
What times do you play? = I can make every raid I am usually on every night from 8pm-1am CST then longer on days off
What do you expect out of <Final>? = to help the guild clear mythic NH and move into Tomb at a fast pace. as well as grind keystones in free time
What do you prefer to be called? = Cloudbusrtt
What is your age? = 25
What do you do for a living? = I am a Restaurant General manager at Qdoba
What are the specs of your computer and your internet connection? = intel core i7-7700 gtx 1070 highest internet output avalible
Why should we accept you into <Final>? = I am very experienced as a resto shaman for I have been playing one since WotLK I am very smart when it comes to mechanics and still parse high for almost all fights 80%+ I can really contribute to your progression
Do you know anyone in <Final>? = no
How did you hear about <Final>? = trade chat
Any final thoughts for your submission? =
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8th Jun 2017

Awesome! Thanks so much for applying Cloudburstt. I'll look at this with the other officers tonight and we'll let you know our thoughts.
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8th Jun 2017

Hey Cloudy......can i call you that? =)

Your logs/armory looks greath. Like our GM, Johnson, already said, we will look into your application and let you know asap.


Joined: 29th Jan 2017
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8th Jun 2017

So, I just talked to Xevion and we have one more officer to loop into this, but we were wondering if you were free on Sunday at 8pm ST to do our N NH alt run, we'd love to see what your playstyle is like and give you a taste of how we raid.

Let me know!
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