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Kirnira - Core Mythic Raider
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28th Nov 2017

I just filled out application 'Core Mythic Raider'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

What is your Battle Tag and what is the name, class, spec, and ilevel of your Main Character? = Battletag: Sasha#1587 Kirnira-Illidan, 942-949 Resto shaman (depending on legendaries and trinkets). https://worldofwarcraft.c ... cter/illidan/kirnira
Do you have any relevant off specs or alts? = I can play enhance as my offspec, but its meh, enhance hasn't been doing great in legion. Healing is where my heart is. Alts: Disc priest- https://worldofwarcraft.c ... aracter/muradin/perb Hpally- https://worldofwarcraft.c ... er/muradin/valenthia https://worldofwarcraft.c ... /illidan/mooncowbear I have every healer at 110, but these are the only ones that are geared, listed from most to least.
What is your Legion raiding experience? = Was with people of the dragon, on illidan. Went 9/10M in nighthold on my resto druid
What is your general MMO experience? = I went 12/13M in HFC, 10/14 25H in SoO
How long have you been playing WoW? = Started in BC, stopped in wrath, came back in MoP
What is your timezones and what times do you play? = Im in MTZ (1 hour behind server), and I play every evening for the most part. These are my prefered raid times, so 100% I can make them.
What do you expect out of <Final>? = Im looking for a good home for antorus, to have fun with and push content with other dedicated players.
What do you prefer to be called? = My name is Sasha, hence my bnet and discord name lol. Im happy being referred to as Sasha or my toon name, whatever you guys prefer.
What is your age? = 20, will be 21 in a couple months.
What do you do for a living? = Gymnast
What are the specs of your computer and your internet connection? = I never have computer issues, and my only time having internet problems where when there was an outage in my entire neighborhood from a car hitting a line somewhere.
Why should we accept you into <Final>? = I'll always follow mechanics, I'm always open to learn and improve, I won't ever rage quit or be toxic, I'm a pretty easy going individual. I'll always have good attendance, and I'll always try my hardest. I've been healing for a long time now and I'm pretty good at it.
Do you know anyone in <Final>? = Only my friend Frostzyy (jared) that i'm applying with, so no.
How did you hear about <Final>? = Trade chat
Any final thoughts for your submission? = hope to hear back from you. Looking for a good home, and good friends
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29th Nov 2017

Hey Sasha,

Thanks for applying!

I really enjoyed your application and I'm a huge fan of Resto Shamans in general. I think you'd be a good fit here and I'm impressed with your prior experience and logs. I'm going to reach out to you over BNet to extend an invitation, if you're free, you can join us for Normal tonight to get a taste of the raid.

As a note, I'm about to go on vacation, so if I don't get a chance to invite you, reach out to Tzy, Evè, Rulerz, or Originalight to get an invite. Just say I accepted you. We will be raiding while I'm on vacation, just so you know!
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