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paranha - Core Mythic Raider
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Joined: 20th Jun 2017
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20th Jun 2017

I just filled out application 'Core Mythic Raider'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

What is your Battle Tag and what is the name, class, spec, and ilevel of your Main Character? = paraja#1244
Do you have any relevant off specs or alts? = heals
What is your Legion raiding experience? = raiding heroic mainly
What is your general MMO experience? = wow
How long have you been playing WoW? = since i was 12
What is your timezones and what times do you play? = hawaii
What do you expect out of <Final>? = not much
What do you prefer to be called? = paraja
What is your age? = 26
What do you do for a living? = airforce crew chief
What are the specs of your computer and your internet connection? = 3000 dollaz bitches
Why should we accept you into <Final>? = why should i join you gyz
Do you know anyone in <Final>? = some
How did you hear about <Final>? = spam
Any final thoughts for your submission? = wana tank
Joined: 12th Dec 2016
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25th Jun 2017

Hello Paranha,

Welcome on the forums and thanks for filling in the application.

Paranha, as you already know we are not a hardcore raiding guild. But one thing we should have for each other is respect and not only respect for the pulltimer.

If one day you want another job and you have a interview and they ask you: How much do you think you will earn doing this job? Would you answer 3000 dollaz bitches?

World of warcraft is a game where we all come together and have fun. Laugh and talking trash now and then. Doing so also in your appliaction is a big NO NO for me and for me this application is declined!!

*What do you expect out of <Final>? = not much
Then why even bother staying in Final? Feel free to gquit.

*What are the specs of your computer and your internet connection? = 3000 dollaz bitches
Me --> speechless

* Why should we accept you into <Final>? = why should i join you gyz

If i may say something else is by looking @ this application i will never believe you are 26 years old.

Thanks again for your "time".


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27th Jun 2017

Hey Paranha, right now my major concern is scheduling. I know in the past you haven't been able to attend our raids, what has changed that allows you to make 90% of all raids?

I do agree with Xev and don't love the application, but I think you left it light because you know a lot of us. Check out Euthanize's application, he's another raider who's run with us a lot and still put in some good time.
Joined: 29th Jan 2017
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28th Jun 2017

Hey Paranha, thanks again for applying and talking to me earlier.

Right now, we've decided to go in a different direction. We don't direly need a new tank for our core raiding group and we have some character concerns on our end.

Thanks for applying though!
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