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Mythic Spellblade Down!
JohnsonsmithGM 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th Jun 2017
That's right folks, right before 7.2.5 hit, we went into NH and completely WRECKED Spellblade!

We had a few members out for the night, including one of our core officers, but we dipped into reserve and brought on one new Mage (thanks again Tekno!) and performed brilliantly. We got her on the seventh pull of the night, which was literally the first time we ever got her through the Arcane phase (and the second time we actually got to it prepared). We took the adds down with no problem, and then everyone jumped back into place and perfectly transitioned back into the Frost phase. When we downed her, the Fire adds had just come out, giving us plenty of time before enrage. We had a few dead for our first kill, but it was clean overall. Unfortunately, not a single person expected the kill that early... so there won't be a video =(.

All in all, it was a really fun fight and I think this is one of the best designed fights in Nighthold. The fight is complex enough that it doesn't need too many new mechanics for Mythic, and with the damage buff the entire fight feels just a bit chaotic, but not totally out of your control. It's definitely a fight that requires perfect coordination and positioning. Major props to our ranged for stomping the Mark of Frost!

While we didn't get a video... we do have a kill screenshot! (One day we'll get both?)

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