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H KJ down and H ToS cleared!
JohnsonsmithGM 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Jul 2017
It's been awhile since our last update, which proves how tough and well designed of a fight Heroic Kil'jaeden was. We started getting to H KJ pretty quickly about two weeks ago, giving us 2 or 3 Thursdays of only Kil'jaeden pulls. All in all, it took us a full 80 pulls before we finally got our kill... but that's what we did on Thursday!

We started making huge progress on Thursday right from our second kill, which was a 19-20% pull. The early phase mechanics were cleaned up and we started focusing on what to do during the dark phase and the final phase. When we finally got our kill, every phase before the final phase was executed perfectly. However, when he finally went down we only had 5 raiders alive: Mojo, Xevion, Faran, Disoluto, and myself. It was close to say the least.

Here's a kill picture for you:

I couldn't be more proud of the raid team right now. There's a lot of mechanics and damage in this fight and we all pushed ourselves and worked very hard  to get this kill. Needless to say, it was fully earned.

We'll be farming some gear next week and then heading into Mythic.

Currently, we're in need of some melee and ranged DPS, so if you know anyone, please refer them!

P.S. Video coming soon!

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