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M Goroth Down + H KJ Video!
JohnsonsmithGM 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Aug 2017
We've finally made our mark in Mythic ToS by downing Goroth!

This post is a bit late, as the kill occurred last Thursday night (8/10), but I did my normal thing and just forgot to make a post about it. Honestly, this boss gave us more trouble than I think a lot of us expected and would have liked. It's showed us that M ToS is a bit more aggressive than M NH was and we need to shape up our mechanical skills. At the end of the day, I'm very proud of the raid that came together and was able to down this beast. We have a bright future ahead of us and it's time to look forward to downing M DI!

Here's your kill screenshot (Goroth despawned almost instantly, so enjoy the pit): 

In other news, the Heroic Kil'jaeden kill video is up, as promised. You can find it below:

Big congrats to the team on that kill in particular. We'll have a kill video out for M Goroth in the next few days to a week.


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