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M Sisters Dead!
JohnsonsmithGM 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 3rd Oct 2017
With the death of Mythic Sisters of the Moon last Thursday, another ToS boss bites the dust and <Final> is now 4/9!

We spent a good solid two weeks of progression on Mythic Sisters, with all of our reclears going very smoothly. We made good strides on this fight right from the get go. The spacing strategy required to manage Astral Purge isn't too tricky to pull off and we mostly mastered that after the first 2 or 3 hours on the boss. After that, the rest of the fight was just spent on figuring out our ideal comp, planning cooldowns, and learning to dodge glaives. Learning to dodge SO MANY glaives. All of the glaives in that fight are especially dangerous, even the simple Twilight Glaives, so mastery of that mechanic was our biggest stumbling block. We finally managed to clean up our execution and got a clean pull in, until the very end where the boss died with about 5 players up. This is another fight I really like. There aren't a lot of changes from the main fight, but every original mechanic is given so much more importance and becomes so critical to deal with. The fight gets really hectic and there is something to be said against how many particles are in play at once, making dodging the glaives much harder, but once you learn how to see through the noise and hug some walls, it's not that bad. Definitely a fight I'm excited to do again.

We're doing great on the picture front lately, so here's another one of those:

We do have some footage for this kill, but I need to get around to editing it and I just haven't been in a video editing mood lately. We're moving on to Desolate Host next, and we'll see how that goes!

Remember kids, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a glaive!

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