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More H Argus Progress!
JohnsonsmithGM 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 3rd Jan
Wow, I'm really bad at updating this and we're really bad at taking screenshots. I went on a nice travel break for awhile and missed a large deal of progression, returning at Kin'garoth. Since my last post we've downed all the way through H Aggramar, and managed to grab one and a half screenshots since then. My general opinion on the bosses that I've been able to progress on, so far:

• Kin'garoth: Fun tanking fight for sure, with a lot of movement, ball busting, and plenty of activities to do and be aware of. Had a nice difficulty curve to it.
• Varimathras: Boring fight, one of the weakest of Legion. As a tank, there's really not much to it, just standard cooldown management and standing still. The mechanics are easy enough to master and it fell quickly.

• Coven: Frustrating fight. This is an Ion special, with a TON of RNG based largely around the titan sequence and what it ends up overlapping with. Certain combinations certainly feel much more punishing. Couple that with random storm safezone replacement and this one took us awhile.
• Aggramar: Great fight. While it wasn't too hard, it took us an hour or so of progression on it and it ended up being very enjoyable. Just getting the add rotation down is the main part of the fight. It's a fun tank fight and I think the little add mechanic is enjoyable. It has a minimal amount of RNG and wasn't ever really frustrating.

Below are screenshots of the Varimathras kill and half of the raid after Aggramar. We're currently working on Argus (which is a frustrating fight in it's own regards, especially due to some fun graphical glitches), but expect to get him down Thursday, after some sub 20% pulls last night.



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